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Clothing Brands & Sizing

These are my most popular clothing options. I have access to a significant amount of options, but I often keep these in stock in assorted colours and sizes for quicker turnaround. Check out the files below to see colour options, sizing information, and fabric contents!

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Tie Dye!

I have never done tie dye before, but I read a ton about the dye used, and convinced myself it would be a really fun way to get kids to wear masks, and bonus: they’re all unique!


I now understand why the instructions tell you to do this kind of project OUTSIDE. Let me tell you, even with all the precautions, my kitchen was still a disaster! (and my hands were blue…)

Within 24 hours, 2 colour options have already sold out, so I think I’ll do a second batch of 100 with more of those popular colours. If you have any colour requests, I’d love to hear from you – let me know on Insta what colour combos I’m missing, or drop me a note below!

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What size are you?

It’s important that your non-medical mask is fitted to your face, and comfortable enough to wear as long as you need!

Masks are measured from the tip of your nose to the tip of your chin. For instance, standard kids masks measure 2.5 inches, and fit most children aged 4-8!

It’s difficult to measure yourself, so if possible, please recruit someone to help you, or cut a piece of string or tape to measure, then check your measurement against a ruler.

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Custom Mask Options

If you’re looking to place a custom non-medical mask order, you have a few decisions to make!

First, choose your print! This is the fabric that everyone sees. All my prints are 100% cotton, and prewashed with scent free detergent to set the colours and shrink.

Second, choose your lining. Most of my in stock masks are plain cotton lining. This allows for a bit of structure to keep the mask off your face, and it breathes really well. Cotton can be a bit scratchy though, so if you’d prefer a cotton/polyester blend lining (very smooth!) I can do that as well. I have over 20 colour options in each fabric, so you can even choose your colour!

Trim & Elastic is also up to you! In most situations, I choose the trim closest to the base fabric colour, but if you want R2-D2 or rainbow trim, that can be arranged! I keep 3 types of elastic for the straps on hand. 1/4″ is my standard adult option in black or white. This holds up well in the wash, and is easier to tie over and over again. 1/8″ also comes in black and white, and I’ve used it mostly for children’s masks as it’s a bit more delicate on their ears. It will be OK in the wash for sure, but it may not last as long as the 1/4″. I also have white jersey style like you find on the medical disposable masks which is great if you have allergies, but my testing in the wash is just beginning, so I cannot confirm the longevity of it in regular washes.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions!