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Custom Mask Options

If you’re looking to place a custom non-medical mask order, you have a few decisions to make!

First, choose your print! This is the fabric that everyone sees. All my prints are 100% cotton, and prewashed with scent free detergent to set the colours and shrink.

Second, choose your lining. Most of my in stock masks are plain cotton lining. This allows for a bit of structure to keep the mask off your face, and it breathes really well. Cotton can be a bit scratchy though, so if you’d prefer a cotton/polyester blend lining (very smooth!) I can do that as well. I have over 20 colour options in each fabric, so you can even choose your colour!

Trim & Elastic is also up to you! In most situations, I choose the trim closest to the base fabric colour, but if you want R2-D2 or rainbow trim, that can be arranged! I keep 3 types of elastic for the straps on hand. 1/4″ is my standard adult option in black or white. This holds up well in the wash, and is easier to tie over and over again. 1/8″ also comes in black and white, and I’ve used it mostly for children’s masks as it’s a bit more delicate on their ears. It will be OK in the wash for sure, but it may not last as long as the 1/4″. I also have white jersey style like you find on the medical disposable masks which is great if you have allergies, but my testing in the wash is just beginning, so I cannot confirm the longevity of it in regular washes.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions!

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