Sling Bag – 420 Sloths


Show off your Sloth love with this convertible fanny pack/crossbody bag! With 2 main compartments, you’ll have enough room for the essentials to get you through your day.

The bag measures approx. 14″ wide, so should fit any standard cell phone with ease. Front and back panels are lined for extra protection.

Strap fits 37″ to 56″ but can be adjusted if you send me a note with your required size.

Strap Measurements – the smallest measurement would be to wear as a fanny pack (not snug, but around your waist), the larger measurement would be for crossbody wear. This bag is intended to be worn higher than a normal crossbody bag, but measure where you would be comfortable wearing it.

*This was a test bag, so although sturdy, you may notice some stitch imperfections



Original Pattern by JustynaThandmade, edited by Bijeen Design


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